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What do we do?

We leverage of the industry giant Microsoft, who have developed an amazing communication platform called Microsoft Teams. Teams offers our learners a digital communication and resource management platform. 


With our Digital learning platform your learners will be able to: 

  • Attend workshops and training sessions via video & voice link. 
  • Collaborate with their classmates via video & voice link. 
  • Have a library of information and course material at their fingertips via the cloud storage. 
  • Be graded and assessed via our digital testing and assignment management system. 
  • Be able to gain job experience remotely with South African on-the-job skills providers via the Microsoft Teams systems. They will get work assignments and tasks with a scorecard ensuring compliance. 
  • Lastly our learners will learn to use the seamless Communication platform that is Microsoft teams, this skill will add value both to their own personally productivity as well as the productivity of their employers. 

Our Model is scalable and the facilitators can be sourced to accommodate the necessary projects. 


Our Values

Consulting Services

We utilise the knowledge & experience gained over 38 years in business to assist small and medium enterprise owners to focus on their potential and become successful in their markets, producing an above average return, creating a valuable enterprise and importantly growing individual net worth.


We improve the skills of your people and the ability of your managers with Leadership Coaching and Training that suits your specific needs and by submitting your Workplace Skills Plan we can apply for funding and make maximum use of tax incentives for skills development. Together we will liberate your purpose, ability and achievement.

Meet Our Team

Adam Postepski

Chief Financial Officer

Brendon Stone

Operations Director

Colin Carmody

Managing Director

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Address 119 Villiers Road, Walmer. Port Elizabeth. South Africa. 


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